Cruise with Limousine Strippers in Style

Riding in a limousine just got better. While you may have thought riding with ample room and someone driving you around was as good as it could get, we made it even better by adding beautiful strippers to the mix. These captivating ladies will make your bachelor party a night you’ll never forget, especially considering it’s your last night as a free man. 

Nothing like popping a bottle of champagne, while a hot honey gyrates her hips for you for your next stag night. Or maybe you want to use our limousine stripper services for just a night out in Las Vegas. Our services allow the strippers to come directly to you, so there’s no need for you to research where the best strip clubs are throughout Vegas. 

We offer a pick up service, so we actually bring the strippers to your location. Who would have thought there would be an option that allows hiring a stripper to be as simple as ordering a pizza? We also present you with the option of doing a transfer from McCarran Airport to your hotel. 

The rule of Sin City, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” applies to our limousine service as well. Therefore, if you hire us for your bachelor party, we promise we won’t tell your soon-to-be wife. And even if you’re not getting married, we promise we’ll keep your little car ride with our sexy dancers a secret. We should mention that our strippers will even give lap dances, while you venture through the city making your rounds at the casinos.   

 Drinks, a lap dance, and fully nude hotties, how can it get much better? Did we mention we can do parties up to 6 people? That means you can bring all of your closest friends for a ride of fun. Trust us, your unique experience with Vegas VIP Strippers will be one you will be talking about for quite some time.

Becoming A Las Vegas Stripper

The exotic dancing field has surely been discriminated upon over the past several decades. However, some people have recently acquired a new attitude regarding the stripper’s profession. This may be due to the growing number of celebrities who have admittedly divulged their stripper past — coupled with TV, movies, & the general media shedding some more light on the seductive industry. Stripping has also emerged as an attractive career choice to many who are suffering the ails of the economy. With that statement in mind, Las Vegas has been described as one of the most lucrative places to work as a stripper.

No wonder girls from all over the country travel to Las Vegas for work. Other than the fact that tourists visit the city hoping to find exciting entertainment, this exotic location is also known to have some of the most beautiful women in the world. For anyone hoping to become a stripper, there is a wide selection of Las Vegas stripper jobs available. There is potential to make good profit in this industry in an economy that is crumbling. However, it is still a very competitive field. Before jumping into this new occupation, you need to know how to become the best exotic dancer you can be.

3 Tips On How to Become a Las Vegas Stripper

Anyone looking to hire a stripper would want to make sure that the person they are hiring is attractive, friendly, and knows how to present themselves to clients. The second quality a strip club management team or an agency desires is experience. Experience may not only entail the number of similar jobs on your resume. It can also include the skills that you have acquired in a people-oriented environment. Knowing how to be flirtatious and personable is an important quality when it comes to the stripper industry. When hiring Las Vegas strippers, here are some examples of the specific attributes that most clubs and outcall agencies look for.

1. Firstly, you have to make sure that you take care of your entire body. Of course, being fit is a priority, but this also means you cannot neglect any part of yourself — from your head down to your toes. Make sure your skin is freshly glowing. A nice pedicure and manicure is a plus. Your hair should look it’s best at all times. Of course, everyone has a bad hair day. Don’t fret; this is when a collection of wigs come in handy. You will need at least several sultry outfits that enhance your best assets. Push up bras, lingerie, stilettos, bikini wear, and that naughty nurse outfit you wore last Halloween are sure bets to have in your closet. And #1 on the list of importance when it comes to bodily image is being highly-skilled in the art of applying makeup. A majority of clients book strippers and expect them to be a fantasy girl – not a girl next door. There are exceptions to every rule though. Regardless, strippers have to look presentable and can use cosmetics in order to achieve optimal beauty.

2. Las Vegas strippers are also known for their playful personalities. They are not simply hot girls who are willing to strip off their attire. They need to have a certain level of skills, as well. These skills include being able to make a customer feel at ease. Many clients utilize the service of a stripper in order to unwind. They want a friendly, positive encounter with a beautiful woman. Of course, seeing her scantly clad is not a disservice to them. Another skill set is being able to strip off your outfit seductively. Simply taking off a dress is not going to entice a customer. Being able to stretch out the moment in a manner that will leave the client eagerly waiting for the climactic ending will bring in the bigger bucks. Feeling out the client and understanding their wants is a great way to be successful. For instance, some clients like a little bit of role-playing along with their striptease; while others would like to chat with a lovely lady over a drink before the show.

3. Lastly, have standards and be trustworthy. Show up to work on time. Making your employer feel like they can count on you to be punctual and dedicated to your job can go a long way to further your career. Most strippers who show these qualities have longer lasting careers, better shifts, and may even acquire VIP clientele. If you prove to be truly passionate about what you do it will be easier than you think to succeed as an exotic dancer.

Book Strippers for Your Halloween Party

There are ghosts, goblins, and devils roaming around the streets on Halloween. It’s the spookiest day of the year, but for many it’s also the sexiest. Let’s face it folks. It is a day of celebration where the more skin you show, the better.

It gives all of the sexy ladies who are normally a bit more reserved, an excuse to show a little ‘extra’ something without outside judgment. It also allows men a chance to drool over the lovely & exposed scenery. All of that eye candy can make your stomach ache after awhile, though. All tease and no treats?

Wouldn’t you like to see a little more? Perhaps have a beautiful, hot blonde policewoman handcuff you to a chair while giving you an amazing lapdance. Albeit, knowing that her uniform isn’t going to be on the rest of the night? What about a lovely brunette Nurse unzip her gown to reveal her perky bosoms underneath? It doesn’t matter what your fetish is… cop, schoolgirl, cheerleader, naughty nurse, or angel… this is your chance to release your inhibitions.

Have the girl of your dreams come to your residence or hotel and strip out of the costume attire of your choosing. Your buddies won’t object! Ask them what naughty dressed up vixens they want to see strip out of their garments. Don’t have another dull night in the clubs attempting to pick up chicks this year. Have them come to you in their most tantalizing outfits and give you a naughty striptease at your Spooktacular event!

Las Vegas Bachelor Party Packages

How to plan a bachelor’s party in Vegas

If you want to get a stripper for your bachelor party, you need to choose from the packages available according to your interests. Depending on the number of people the party will have, you can choose to have more than one stripper. Some agencies offer 2, 3 or 4+ exotic dancers for special occasions. Las Vegas strippers make a fantastic bachelor party addition. A VIP package for instance will involve having costumed dancers who will entertain you with exotic moves, along with a possible option of multiple private dancers, limo transportation, champagne, and the two girl fantasy show. They also play different party games and bring lights and props to the engagement.

A VIP package will involve lap dances by the ladies that can get to an X rated level depending on what the party wants. There is the involvement of whipped cream, whips, body shots, erotic games, and other sexy toys that will make the time with the strippers even more memorable. You can also extend the length of time spent with the dancer prior to arrival. Be sure to ask the agency what type of bachelor party packages they offer to the customers. Depending on the kind of entertainment you want, you can be assured that Vegas has it. With Vegas bachelor party strippers, you are guaranteed to have a once in a lifetime experience.

Las Vegas Stripping 101: Part 2: Choosing Exotic Dancewear

Late last year, we talked about Las Vegas Stripping 101, your guide to being sexy and confident. But while eye contact, music and sass are all important aspects, so too is your outfit. Obviously, you’re going to lose your garments quickly, but that doesn’t make presentation any less important. Use this guide as your do’s and don’t of outfit selection.

When it comes to picking your outfit, you’re going to want something that you can still move in. Look for flexible fabric that is easy to remove. Super tight clothing can be sexy, but it won’t be if you literally have to peel yourself out like a sausage casing.

You should avoid getting outfits that contain items your skin, hair or the garment itself could get snagged on. Be aware of rhinestone placement, hooks and zippers.

Take in consideration how you would remove the item. An Adam & Eve laced-up corset is sexy, but not easy to take off; you’ll end up clumsily fumbling with the hooks and the lacing. Think of clothes that you can remove seductively and with ease.

So what do you get?

First opt for clothes that fit you–too big and too small won’t look good.

For the bottoms, look for a sexy, lacy pair of cheekie or hip hugger panties that you can layer on top of a smaller, barely there thong. If your establishment allows for full nudity, feel free to skip one of the underwear options.

You can also think about wearing a bathing suit bottom that you can untie from the side.

For the top, you’ll want to get a bra or bathing suit top that makes your girls look great and is easy to remove. Opt for a string bikini or a bra that has simple hook and eyes in the back.

This goes without saying, but you want to coordinate your top and bottom. Try to think of a theme or persona you can take over. Can’t think of one? Going the vintage pin-up route can always be fun and is classically sexy.

Your main outfit can stop there or you can add a tiny dress on top of it all. This can be nice because it adds in an element of suspense. Spandex dresses seem like the go to and it’s because they won’t wrinkle, they’ll hug your curves and are easy to remove. Look for something with a halter tie or thin straps that you can slowly take down.

Once this part of your outfit is complete, you’ll want to think about layers. You will want to have a few accessories to play with and remove, such as thigh highs, gloves or a scarf. Items like this can help you prolong the show and play up the theatrics of it all.

And finally, you can’t forget the shoes, ultimately the most important part of your outfit. High heels need to be just that, high. Don’t run for the kitten heels because you’re already tall or can’t walk in them. Get a pair of shoes that have a thick platform front. This will help you remain stable and make walking and dancing easier. High heels will help you look thinner as well as highlight your leg muscles and butt. Get a pair that you feel comfortable in and then practice, practice, practice. Don’t even know how to walk in heels? Start here.

Once you’ve put it all together, you’ve can’t do your outfit a disservice by neglecting your nails, hair and make up. Be sure to paint your nails and toes, do up your hair and add a little extra make up than usual. It will be dark in the club, so don’t be afraid to play up your eye make up.

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